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Classroom design

Guide to get best conditions in the classroom for hearing-impaired pupils.

Do you have a hearing-impaired pupil in your class?

Would you like to support him or her optimally in class?
The aim of this material (a checklist, informations for improvements and an evaluation form) is to inform teachers of hearing-impaired pupils in inclusive education about how to create optimal listening and learning situations in the classroom. 

This includes room acoustics, hearing technology, seating, lighting conditions, visualisation in the classroom and interpreting services.


How to use the Guide to an optimal classroom design for hearing-impaired pupils


Review the situation in the classroom using the Checklist

Have you ticked any questions with ”no” or ”unknown”?

→ Please read the information on this topic.

→ There you will find possibilities for changes.

Change the situation for your hearing-impaired pupil.
Evaluate his situation once again.


Here you will find information about each topic:

The best classroom acoustics for hearing-impaired pupils
The best hearing technology for hearing-impaired pupils
The best seating arrangement for hearing-impaired pupils
The best lighting conditions for hearing-impaired pupils
Visualization in the teaching of hearing-impaired pupils
Interpreting services for hearing-impaired pupils

The evaluation form helps you to find out whether you could improve the classroom conditions for your hearing-impaired pupil.

Here you find the whole material as a brochure.

It would make sense if these optimisations could be made not only in the classroom, but also in other rooms, such as subject rooms, the gym, the refectory (by e.g. felt pads under the dining tables) and multi-purpose rooms. Attention should also be paid to optimal acoustics in the corridors, for example.

We also recommend that you take a look at the ‘Course for teachers of pupils with hearing loss’.

State Centre for Hearing and Communication (Schleswig), Germany developed this.
If you have any questions, go to “Contacts”, which you can find on the main page.


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