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E-learning course for teachers and other professionals on inclusion of pupils with hearing loss

A course including modules in a study group and 4 short video courses.

4 short e-learning videos and a course guide

This course is for teachers of pupils with hearing loss who communicate primarily in spoken language.



The aim of the course is to give teachers and other pedagogical staff access to knowledge and methods on inclusion of pupils with hearing loss. The aim is to strengthen their didactical approach to teaching these pupils.


Target groups

  • The course is for you, who have a pupil with hearing loss starting in first grade or coming in to an already established class.
  • The course can also be taken as a repetition after participating in a physical attendance course (we recommend, to do do this to get a deeper knowledge and understanding) or by the teachers, who were not able to take a physical attendance course.


Network around the pupil

In preparation, to make sure the pupil has a good start, we highly recommend having a meeting with the parents, a hearing professional, the schools leader and the receiving teacher.

We also recommend having regular meetings in this network during the school years to discuss the academic as well as social issues related to going to school.

The hearing professional can introduce the class to this pupil and his or her needs.


Study group

The impact of this course is best supported in a study group. This can be:

  • The teacher team, that teach the class with a pupil with hearing loss
  • A ‘hearing professional’ and the teacher(s)
  • Teachers at the same school, who teach pupils with hearing loss in different classes
  • Teachers from different schools, who meet at online meetings

We suggest including the guides on ‘Classroom design’ in the studies.

The course includes general issues that may – or may not - have an impact on your pupil with hearing loss’ learning or social skills. The general issues and recommendations given in this course must be adapted to the specific needs and situation of each individual pupil. We therefore recommend discussing the specific situation of the pupil with a ‘hearing professional’.

Course description

The course is divided into 3 modules. For each module, you see the e-learning video(s) and prepare your own reflections in your individual study time. After this, you meet in the study group or with a hearing professional.

Here is a course guide

In the course guide there are links to two videos on youtube. The videos are in English and Danish. You can add subtitles in your own language. Find out how in this instruction:

Pdf: How to add to subtitles in national languages of youtube videos

In this info-guide you find additional information, ressources and material on teaching a pupil with hearing loss. The themes in the info-guide are elaborations to the e-learning courses. 

Pdf: Additional information, ressources and materials 

Module 1: 


Consequenses of hearing loss on audition, cognition, language, learning and social skills.

Module 2:


Auditory skills and auditory strategies in the classroom

Linguistic challenges and how to support your pupil

Module 3:

Social inclusion - pragmatics and self-advocacy

Center for Communication and Welfare Technology, Hearing counselling - children and young people, Fredericia, Denmark developed these materials.

If you have any questions, go to “Contacts”, which you can find on the main page.