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A platform of knowledge sharing and best practice to create the best possible opportunities for deaf and hard of hearing pupils.

TRAP UP (Transnational Professional Upgrading Project) is a web platform, which contains information, materials and concepts to use when teaching deaf and hard of hearing pupils.

TRAP UP is an innovation and development project granted by the Erasmus+ programme. The project runs from September 2020 and ends in August 2023 with an open conference/ webinar. Sign up by clicking this line.

Professionals from four different countries have participated and developed the platform:

Center for Communication and Welfare Technology, Hearing counselling - children and young people, Fredericia, Denmark.
State Centre for Hearing and Communication, Schleswig, Germany
Valteri Centre for Learning Consulting, Finland
Institute for the Deaf and Hard of hearing Ljubljana, Slovenia
The purpose of this platform is to raise awareness and share and increase specialized knowledge in teaching deaf and hard of hearing pupils. We aim to inspire each other to make the best practice for teaching deaf and hard of hearing pupils and to ensure their access in life, educationally and socially.

The website is accessible for everyone, who have interest. Whether it is professionals working with deaf or hard of hearing pupils or parents, who are interested in learning more.

All content is available in English and in German, Slovenian, Finish and Danish, which represents the participating countries behind the project.

All content on this website is free of charge and all users have access to all materials and concepts.

Under each language, you will find different useful content in the categories; Classroom design, E-learning course for teachers on inclusion of pupils with hearing loss, Teaching materials, Distance teaching and Useful links.

Furthermore, you can learn about the project and the processes in developing this platform and find guides and recommendations on how to adapt and implement materials and concepts into own languages, cultures and countries.

If you have questions regarding the project, the materials or anything else regarding teaching deaf and hard of hearing pupils, please go to Contacts.