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Teaching materials

The Teachers’ Book and the Students’ Book “Do You Understand Me 1”. The material is enriched by pictures of signs and by videos.

With these materials, a student can learn the native spoken language and native sign language separately or both of them - with the accent that each language has its own structure and rules. The meaning of one of them can support learning the other language.


enables practitioners to adapt the examples of good practice in developing their own approach to teaching, supports the social interaction between pupils with and without a hearing loss, as the pupil with hearing loss will be more included in teaching situations. This reinforces the pupil with hearing loss a sense of belonging in the peer group and community supports the beginners uages: spoken and sign.
It is a help for two vulnerable groups: users of sign language and those who have difficulties when learning language.

The Teachers’ Book include:

Experts’ opinions
Methodological and didactic recommendations
Three chapters with description of the specific vocabulary and grammatical patterns

Teacher's Book Do You Understand Me 1 

The Students’ Book include:

The appendix

Students' Book Do You Understand Me 1

Pages 62 and 64 are empty, that you can cat out the pictures.

Adapting and developing learning materials for deaf and hard of hearing pupils 


Institute for the Deaf and Hard of hearing Ljubjana, Slovenia developed this.

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